Objectives, Vision & Mission


  • To provide educational opportunity for children in and around Haleangadi, Mulki, Kinnigoli and its neighboring areas and also to children with different backgrounds.
  • To provide education that ensures all-round development of the child and promote National Unity.
  • To shape conscientious , patriotic and responsible citizens.
  • To provide quality education with modern educational technologies.


To nurture the lives of children holistically, for their personal, social and global growth, to enable them to be representatives of positive changes in society.


To prepare children in comprehending the ever changing world and succeed in it while making it a better place.

To ensure the cohesive growth of a child through IRID model of :
Integrity- A truthful, honest and fair conduct
Reverence- Respecting all
Innovation- Introducing new and dynamic ideas
Determination- Thriving to constantly improving oneself